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The purpose of this appraisal is to estimate market value of the
subject as defined herein as of the date of the appraisal.


The following steps were made in arriving at the final estimate of
market value included in the report of the subject property:

1. A preliminary search of all available resources was made to
determine market trends, influences, and other significant factors
pertinent to the subject property

2. A physical inspection of the subject was performed. Although
due diligence was exercised while at the property, the appraiser is
not an expert in such matters as soils, structural engineering,
hazardous waste, etc, and no warranty is given as to these
elements. As needed, inspection by various professionals within
the fields might be recommended with the final estimate of value
subject to their findings.

3. Research and collection of data (cost, improved sales, escrow
sales listings and income) are performed as present in the subject
's market area and sufficient in quality to express an opinion of
value as defined herein. Pertinent data contained in this report.
Research Data MLS/Win2data/Dataquick

4. Data was collected using the three approaches to value. It was
then analyzed so that the reader can understand how the value
conclusion was reached.This should lead the reader to reach a
similar conclusion.
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